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We provide beautiful patterns, smooth surfaces,  comfort feeling homogeneous vinyl flooring for the school classrooms, with durable, abrasion resistance, easy and low cost cleaning, makes homogeneous flooring better than other material flooring for schools.


  • Flooring Type:    homogeneous
  • Thickness:          2mm
  • Width:                1.83m / 2m
  • Length:              20m /roll
  • Area:                  36.6m² / 40m²
  • Weigth:              3000GSM


  • Long durability and stability
  • Anti-bacterial, stain resistance, mildew proof
  • Fire resistance, slip resistance, static protection
  • Excellent abrasion wear resistance-Group T
  • Ideally suit for heavy traffic area
  • Easy low cost polish maintenance
  • Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable material

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